GDS @ Manhattan College | Kelly Commons
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Kelly Commons

Kelly Common Marketplace & Fully Licensed Starbucks

Starbucks, the largest coffee brand name in its industry is now available to the community. All Starbucks goods are sold here, this includes baked goods, prepackaged foods, and all proprietary drinks. Starbucks will be one of two locations where students can get a prepackaged, on the go meal. The other location for Gourmet grab n’ go will be in the Marketplace.

Gourmet Dining’s Marketplace will offer a variety of pre-packaged on the run meals for students. In addition to a full line of convenience items, Renzo’s Pizzeria, Kelly’s Deli, Quigley’s Grill, and The One Sushi and Tong (Asian Fare station) will provide the community with countless combinations to choose from.

This location offers over 1000 possible combinations from your choice of bakery fresh breads, artisan cheeses, Boars Head Cold Cuts, culinary scratch made dressings, Farm fresh Salads, to fix-ins, fruits, vegetables and more. In addition to the drastic variety increases, we will also offer all sandwiches to be Panini pressed or Open faced toasted.


When you make your way to eat our pizza, you will see our Pizza chefs making fresh dough and tossing them in the air! Our pizzas are made from scratch, using the signature pizza sauce & dough recipes, and freshly grated aged whole milk mozzarella cheese. To top it off, the freshest toppings – all cooked in a brick oven to ensure the greatest authentic pizza taste!

The Grill

This dining concept offers all your grill favorites prepared fresh to order. The variety will be greatly enhanced with the Gourmet Grill Bar theme. Each customer will have the choice of a Bakery Fresh bun, Protein, Cheeses, and limitless topping to provide over 250 combinations. This type of dining concept is the latest national trend.

Grill items including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs and French fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings. All of these items are available to be ordered on the spot in addition to weekly specials such as, veggie burgers, black bean burgers, turkey burgers.

Asian Station

The Asian Station will offer authentic sushi & Asian staples. There will be different offerings on a weekly basis that will include vegetarian options. This will add variety to the overall offerings at the Student Commons.