GDS @ Manhattan College | Locke’s Loft
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Locke’s Loft

Locke’s loft is an all you care to eat dining hall featuring Gourmet Dining’s custom branding for the following stations:

Brick Oven Pizza

Home-made pizzas from 100 year old family recipe prepared by experienced gourmet pizza chef. When you enter our Brick Oven
Pizza station, you will see our Pizza chefs making fresh dough and tossing them in the air!  Our pizzas are made from scratch,
using our signature Aiello pizza sauce & dough recipes, and freshly grated aged whole milk mozzarella cheese. To top it off,
over 50 of the freshest toppings – all cooked in a brick oven to ensure the greatest authentic pizza taste.

Exhibition Station


The Exhibition station will be a live station where the campus community can feel connected to the dining hall by interacting with
dining service staff and learning the Gourmet Dining recipes by seeing them in action. At this station, there will be a feature meal
cooked in front of the students each day by Culinary Chef.

Waffle Station

This station offers the crème of the crop Gourmet foods! Fresh and canned fruits and fluffy Belgian waffles.
Great for a snack, meal or dessert!

Hydration Station

Double Filtered Water infused with fruits and herbs. Hydration is key for healthy living, and especially for athletes. This station
provides a great alternative to soda and sugary drinks.

Mom’s Kitchen
Our most treasured concept, “Mom’s Kitchen”  Here, members of the Manhattan College community are able to cook for themselves,
whether it be omelets, pasta or whatever they can imagine through the use of anything in Locke’s Loft and our stocked Pantry.

Very Vegan

Very Vegan is specifically tailored to vegan needs. While is welcome to frequent this station, the foods here have no dairy,
no meat, and no eggs.

Allergy-Free Zone

This is the safe zone for anyone with allergies! Although many of the other stations feature mostly vegetables, this zone is where
you can be a person with allergies can find certain foods to compliment their meal. Allergy-Free Zone is peanut-free, tree-nut free,
gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free! Anyone with allergies can find breakfast foods, snack foods, bread, noodles and desserts that
abide by these restrictions.

Bread & Breakfast

The Gourmet breakfast bar is fresh, simple and delicious. Fresh baked goods are made each morning, and we receive fresh bagels
and breads daily from our local Rockland Bakery.

Baked to Perfection

Baked to Perfection is one of the key aromatic elements of the dining hall. Located right next to our baking ovens, this custom built
bakery case serves the finest cookies, muffins and sweets hot out of the oven. All baking is done on premise by our baker.

Chef’s Choice Main Entrees

Our 6 week cycle menu will rotate to include a healthy and traditional entree for every meal period. This is the staple entree in the
dining hall, and is often a student favorite. The food here, like all stations, is high in quality and creativity, and is intended to be a
meal to please everyone in the dining hall. All entrees are prepared by CIA Chefs.


Our 6 week cycle menu will feature a carved to order by an experienced carving chef. Example of rotated items: Whole Roasted
Prime Rib, Stuffed Pork, Whole Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Flank Steak, Smoked Ham, Whole Turkey, Rack of Ribs, Leg of Lamb.

Grilled to Perfection

The grill is open for all meal periods and is a mainstay for students. For those who want to eat quickly, you have the option to eat
prepared grill items including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs and french fries. All of these items are available
to be ordered on the spot in addition to veggie burgers, black bean burgers, turkey burgers and grilled chicken.

Deli Delectable

Students can choose from Boar’s Head brand cold cuts, a wide assortment of fresh breads, and many toppings. Heat up the sandwich
and make it a Panini!

Salad Bar

The salad bar offers a huge variety, where many different meals can be made each day, Another one of our signature stations,
there are plenty of healthy options to choose from here.

Health & You

The Health & You station provides an array of fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and vegetables. At the health & you station you can create
a nutritious snack or dessert. Dried fruits and nuts contain are plentiful in vitamins and minerals. They taste delicious too!


With a variety of juice, soda, water and iced teas, your sure to find a drink you like here. Come in during in between meal times for
a hot tea, coffee and a danish!

Sweet Dreams

Enjoy wide assortment of sweets. Everyday you can choose from an assortment of fresh pies, cakes, and other desserts made in
house. Cookies are made before each meal and served warm to be enjoyed with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Look out for the
dessert specials where you can decorate your own cupcake or dip fresh fruit and cookies in the chocolate fondue fountain!

Locke’s Loft Floor Plan