GDS @ Manhattan College | Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

More Photos Coming Soon!

Nicholas Valinotti , Resident District
Phone 718-862-7468 | Fax 718-862-7417

Jose Aparicio, Director of Dining Services

Phone 718-862-7573 | Fax 718-862-7417

Daniel Costello, Executive Chef

Phone 718-862-7573

Steve Kovacs, Director of Catering 

Phone: 718-862-7451

Branded Parnisi, Marketing Manager

Phone 718-862-7573

Tina Rodriguez, Director of Dining Kelly’s Marketplace and Starbucks

Phone  718-862-8103

Asia Peterson, Director of Dining Café 1853, Red Mango Café, and Outtakes C store,

Phone 718-862-7360

Michael Costello, Production Manager

Phone 718-862-7573

John Sabando, Assistant Director

Phone 718-862-7573 | Fax 718-862-7417


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